Fire Control Plan on Ship

Fire Control Plan

Passenger ships engaged on international voyages, and all other ships of over 500 GRT are required to permanently display a Fire Control Plan.

It is the requirement of SOLAS Chapter II-2 Reg. 15/2.4.1 and 2.4.2.

Fire Control Plan is often a General Arrangement plan on which the following is clearly shown:

– Fire control stations
– Fire spaces protected by “A” class divisions
– Fire spaces protected by “B” class divisions
– Location of the fire detectors and alarms
– Location of fire detector control panels
– Location of fire extinguishing equipment
– Means of access to different compartments and decks
– Ventilating system including fan control positions
– Position of dampers and identification number of the ventilating fans
serving each section

A copy of the plan must be permanently kept in a weathertight enclosure outside of the superstructure.

The enclosure is to be coloured red, clearly marked, easily opened and located where it will not be easily cut off in the event of a fire.

This copy of the Fire Control Plan is for the use of shoreside fire fighting personnel.

Often it will be positioned close to the gangway, but if not, there must be signs directing the shore-side fire fighting crew to its location.

Information Source SOLAS


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