International Shore Connection

International Shore Connection

International Shore Connection is the requirement of SOLAS Chapter II-2 and its engineering specifications are given in FSS Code Chapter 2.

Standard dimensions for international shore connections:
Outside diameter: 178 mm

Inside diameter: 64 mm

Bolt circle diameter: 132 mm

Slots in flange: 4 holes, 19 mm in diameter spaced equidistantly on a bolt circle of the above diameter, slotted to the flange periphery

Flange thickness: 14.5 mm minimum

Bolts and nuts: 4, each 16 mm in diameter, 50 mm in length

International Shore Connection

Materials and accessories:

International shore connections shall be of steel or other equivalent material and shall be designed for 1 N/mm² service. The flange shall have
a flat face on one side and, on the other side, it shall be permanently attached to a coupling that will fit the ship’s hydrant and hose. The connection shall be kept aboard the ship together with a gasket of any material suitable for 1 N/mm² service, together with four bolts of 16 mm
diameter and 50 mm in length, four 16 mm nuts, and eight washers.


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