Island Reporting System (ISLEREP)

Island Reporting System (ISLEREP)

Maritime Search & Rescue – Island Reporting System (ISLEREP)


To enhance navigation safety in and around waters of Andaman & Nicobar (A&N) and Lakshadweep & Minicoy (L&M) Islands thereby minimising the risk of maritime accident and consequential pollution and damage to the marine environment.

The system is operated by Indian Coast Guard and the Union Territory administration of A&N / L&M islands.


Vessels of the following general categories are required to participate in the reporting system.

*All vessels of 50m or greater in overall length.

*All oil tankers, liquified gas carriers, chemical tankers or ships coming with INF Code, regardless of length.

*Vessels engaged in towing or pushing where the towing or pushing vessel or the towed or pushed vessels is a vessel prescribed within the categories above or where the length of tow, measured from the stern of the towing vessel to the after end of the tow, exceeds 150 metres.

Types of Reports:

  • ISLEREP Position Report-Enroute
  • ISLEREP Position Report (PR)
  • Final ISLEREP Position Report
  • ISLEREP Position Report and changed circumstances.

Source of information: Indian Maritime Safety and Security Chart 5010


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