Seatime Calculator
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Seatime Calculator for Sailors, Seafarers, and Merchant Navy Professionals

Welcome to our easy-to-use seatime calculator! It’s designed to help sailors, seafarers, and Merchant Navy individuals accurately figure out sea service duration.

Special Features of Our Seatime Calculator

Our calculator comes with some cool features:

  • Calculate Seatime for Multiple Vessels: Figure out seatime for different vessels all at once. It makes calculating sea service from various experiences simple and quick.
  • Save Your Results: Save your calculated seatime instantly by taking a screenshot. This makes it easy to keep and refer back to your seatime information whenever you need it.

DG Shipping and MCA Compliance

Our calculator follows the rules and guidelines set by DG Shipping and the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). This ensures that the calculated seatime meets their standards accurately.

Employers in the maritime industry can use our calculator to check and confirm sea service records. The results align perfectly with DG Shipping and MCA standards, making it a reliable tool for employers to verify their employees’ or potential hires’ sea service.

Important Note

While our calculator aims to be accurate, it’s meant for reference only. We can’t guarantee its accuracy, so it’s wise to double-check through official channels or consult the right authorities for certification purposes.

Our calculator helps estimate seatime, but for official certification or licensing, rely on documents and guidance from DG Shipping, MCA, or the right authorities.

Feel free to use our calculator to get an initial idea. However, for official confirmation, we recommend consulting the appropriate authorities.