What is EPIRB?

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What is the purpose of EPIRB ?

➢ To determine the position of a mobile unit/Survival craft during Search and Rescue operation.
➢ It is also SECONDARY means of ship to shore DISTRESS “ALERTING”.

What is the requirement for carrying EPIRB?

➢ At least 1 EPIRB on every ship (2 for Indian Registered Ship).

How many types of EPIRB are there?

1. COSPAS-SARSAT – works on 406.025 Mhz and 121.5 Mhz( Primarily for Homing by aircraft ) in all sea areas.

2. Inmarsat-C – 1.6 GHz for areas A1, A2, and A3

3. VHF EPIRB (CH-70) – 156.525 Mhz for area A1 only.

What does EPIRB Signal Indicates?

➢ One or more persons are in distress.

➢ They may be or may not be on board ship.

➢ They may have or not have receiving facilities available (except GMDSS handheld VHF sets).

EPIRB Battery?

➢ 12 Volt Lithium battery.

➢ Once activated must have 48 hours of operating capacity.

➢ Normally replaced every 2 to 5 years.

How does an EPIRB Work?

➢ EPIRB transmits a signal to the satellite which consists of the ship’s identification, date, nature of distress, and position (All info in digital code).

➢ LUT(Local User Terminal) calculates the position using Doppler Shift.

➢ LUT pass the message to MCC(Mission Control center).

➢MCC then sends the message to a regional RCC( Rescue Coordination Centre) or to the appropriate SAR authority to initiate Search and Rescue activities.

EPIRB Working

      

Let’s understand EPIRB working with another simple block diagram


Note: In India Local User Terminal (LUT) is in Bengaluru and Lucknow

Modes of Operation in EPIRB?

There are two modes of operation in EPIRB:

Real-Time Mode: When satellite see both the EPIRB and LUT at the same time and download the information in real-time and there is no delay in downloading information it is called Real-Time Mode.

Global Coverage Mode: In this mode, information is stored on board the satellite until LUT is seen by the satellite and then information is sent to LUT. So there is a little delay in determining a position from 30 min to 1.5 hr.

What is the mode of emission used in EPIRB?


What is the Power output of EPIRB?

➢ 406.025 Mhz it is 5Watts

➢ 121.5 Mhz it is 75mW


Please download the attachment given below for EPIRB IMO PERFORMANCE STANDARD.


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